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How Attraction Marketing Can Build your Home Business

I have become a huge fan of attraction marketing for my business. I was introduced to this way of marketing from a book called the Attraction Marketing Formula. Since then, I use it for both my bridal freelance business and my online business.

So what is attraction marketing anyway???And how can it help you build your home business?

Attraction Marketing, also called content marketing or education marketing, is when you lead with value (offering tips, advice, how-to’s and education) before someone buys into you or your products. It’s offering free information for everyone and not just customers or clients.

So how do you use this to sell more of your stuff?

You were probably taught different ways to pitch your business… On social media, hand out business cards or the worst… go walk around the mall and talk to people. I was taught that too.

Well what if I told you that you can actually make sales and grow a successful home business using the Internet and attraction marketing?

Here is the real deal…people are attracted to people they believe can help them and or protect them.

Instead of thinking of all the many ways you can share your products and services with everyone…start focusing on building an audience and a following by sharing advice and tips. Your products, services or business don’t matter. Because let’s be real…your stuff is a dime a dozen. People will become attracted to you when they believe you are the person who can help them.

Once I started offering free value, I started to become looked at as a go-to person in my niche. As a result, I gained a following of people who became regular visitors of my blog, YouTube and Instagram just to see what new tips I had to share.

I started receiving emails from people sharing with me how much they enjoyed my content. I get emails regularly with people asking me questions and advice to help them with their current problem. Now, when I recommend a product, I am able to sell with ease and have little to no rejection.

I don’t have to “pitch” anything.

So with this content marketing or education form of marketing…Put information out there that will attract your target market to you.

If you sell skin care products, instead of talking about your latest and greatest anti-aging cream, talk about generic helpful tips that would be of interest to someone looking to improve the look and feel of their skin.

One example would be for someone who struggles with oily skin. I would share types of cleansers (not brands or product names) that are good and or bad for oily skin. A person who struggles with this may not know the proper type of cleanser to use…cream cleanser or a gel cleanser. Did you know that most people with oily skin wash their face way to often…causing more oily skin??? It’s true…and this is the type of information they are looking for.

Now if you are someone who sells skin creams… that is just one kind of skin problem you could talk about.

When you lead with value and become the go-to person for something like skin advice… when you do offer or recommend your cream or cleanser product, you will be able to sell with ease.

Ask yourself this question… when people enter your world…would they leave with value even if they didn’t purchased something from you?

Another thing to think about…many times if someone finds you helpful, they will share stuff about you to their family and friends. It’s not always the people you initially attract to you but it’s the person they share to that actually buy.

So what do you think about this kind of marketing? I hope you found this helpful and I would love to hear your thoughts.


If you would like to learn more about how to use attraction marketing for your business, sign up for the Attraction Marketing Boot Camp by clicking the link below.

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