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Why you should promote yourself and NOT your mlm

I personally think this is the biggest mistake a person can make when starting a network marketing or direct selling business...marketing your mlm company.

Why don't you try this...market you!

Promoting yourself instead of your mlm company will produce much more long term and lucrative profits in your business. Let me share why.

80% of a person's decision to join your company or buy your company's products is based on you and the value you give them.

Sure it helps to have great products, but there are tons of companies all over who are selling the same kind of products you do. Those products and that opportunity are a dime a dozen. Households from all over are filled with stuff just like yours that people bought.

Oh, but I am sure you have THE VERY BEST skin care product on the market. That may be true...but is it the only skin care product on the market??? No it's not. I can bet that those other skin care companies feel the same way about their products also.

Not only that, but I bet your mlm company has thousands if not millions of consultants with the exact same website, selling the exact same products and business opportunity you are. So how do you stand out from all the competition???

Well like I said before. The only way to do this is to stop pushing around your opportunity and start focusing on selling yourself.

Unlike your company with all their many reps...there is only one you. By building a personal brand and positioning yourself as someone who can help others solve their problems, you stand apart.

So how do you do this?

Let your prospects into your world by letting them get to know you as a person. Don't be afraid to be yourself and share things like what you like to do in your free time, what your family is like, your background and dreams.

It comes back to the fact that people do business with those they know like and trust. They want to connect with someone they can relate and identify with. People want someone who’s been in their shoes and dealt with the problems their dealing with. They want someone who is genuinely interested in helping them. Become the go to person in your niche for help, tips and advice.

They don’t care where the product comes from as long as you can show them the value and how it will solve their problem.

Another reason to market yourself is because of liability issues your company has to face.

I bet your mlm company has a bunch of rules on how to sell and promote their products and business opportunity. And with good reason...they don't want to get sued.

But also imagine this...What if your company shut down? What if they changed the business model on you? What if you decided that the company you represented was no longer a good fit for you and you wanted to move? Unfortunately these situations happen more often in our industry than we would like to admit...

You would have to start all over! You would have to build your company from the ground up again. But not if you built your business around yourself and your own personal brand.

There are plenty of leaders in our industry who have decided that the company they worked for was no longer in line with their personal and or professional vision. So they decided to move to another company.

But since these leaders focused on building a brand around themselves and not their company, they created a loyal down-line of consultants who ultimately followed them to their next journey.

So they didn't have to start over at all. Since you don't own your mlm company...you really don't have any control over what they do.

Bottom line, Marketing yourself and creating a personal brand as an authority figure in your niche is the best way to separate you from the crowed. Costumers will be coming to you for help with their problems because they know you will have the answers. Prospects will be asking more about what you do and how they can be a part of it. In return you will be selling more products and signing more reps for your network marketing business. Promoting you and not your mlm is also the guaranteed way to protect your hard work and never find yourself out of business.

If you would like to learn more on how to market yourself and create a personal brand that sells, I highly recommend you check out this free 10-day Boot camp below.

Sheena Rush

I'm a busy mom, wife, freelance hair and makeup artist and online marketer. My goal is to help entrepreneurs grow and build a successful business using online marketing strategies.

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